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17 October 2018 Enercapita Energy Ltd. Successfully Completes Acquisition of 1,300 Boe/d in Core Boundary Lake Area   » read more
29 March 2018 Enercapita Energy Announces 2017 Year End Reserves   » read more
31 August 2017 Enercapita Energy Ltd. Successfully Completes Acquisition of 2,750 Boe/d in Core NW Alberta Operating Area and Announces Credit Facility Expansion   » read more
12 September 2016 Enercapita Report to Shareholders   » read more
29 June 2016 Enercapita Reaches $110 Million in Subscribed Capital   » read more


Company Profile

Enercapita is an oil and gas energy trust based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Enercapita has created a convenient way for investors to add long life energy assets to their investment portfolios. Enercapita raises capital and deploys that capital in the purchase of producing oil and gas assets. The cashflow from these assets is then streamed to investors to generate income.

Enercapita believes that a unique opportunity exists to generate superior risk adjusted returns by acquiring low risk, conventional energy assets at historically low valuation metrics. These assets can be acquired at competitive multiples creating reliable, distributable cashflows.

– Enercapita Income Trust: Open

Enercapita is eligible for all registered plans including RRSPs and TFSAs. Enercapita offers Preferred Trust Units (“Units”) which are entitled to annual distributions of $0.08/Preferred Unit combined with an allocation of Common A Units to provide equity upside.
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Enercapita principals appear regularly in the financial media discussing investing generally

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